Our Policy




We intend to continually enhance performance of our institute through:


Ø  Functioning in a structured, organized & coordinated manner.

Ø  Being conscious about our responsibilities and authorities at formal &  informal levels.

Ø  Taking every possible initiative in the role assigned.


·            OUR VALUES:


We value

Ø  Each member of our faculty and staff as a trustworthy and capable learning leader, able to take evidence-based initiatives to achieve our goal of learning for competence at all times, in all things, and in all places.

Ø  Each student by promoting their personal success, high academic standards, a love of learning, and social responsibility

Ø  The ongoing professional development of learning leaders throughout our college community

Ø  The potential of each person to learn.

Ø  Planning skills that enable faculty and students to create, integrate and achieve personal, career, and educational goals.

Ø  A communicative, respectful, and supportively learning-focused collegiate culture.

Ø  A caring professional relationship between and among students and all faculty and staff.

Ø  A respect for diversity and the learning opportunities this creates.

Ø  To do research in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies.

Ø  The purposeful use of technology and other tools that enhance Learning.

Ø  Academic, professional, and personal integrity.


       ·         PRIDE:


Ø  Partnership:  Partnering with Parents, Families and other Organizations, collaborating with co-workers and colleagues.

Ø  Integrity: Using resources wisely, building trust.

Ø Dignity & Respect: Creating an inclusive and compassionate environment for all people.

Ø  Excellence: Demonstrating excellence in all we do.