Admission Procedure.-

The admission of the candidates for Ph.D. Degree shall be on the basis of Merit of entrance test (Ph.D. Entrance Test –PET) conducted by the University. Thereafter, the counselling of the candidates shall be done by the respective college at its level. It shall be mandatory for In-service candidates to apply for full-time or part-time, Ph.D. programmes through proper channel along with the No Objection certificate of their respective employer in the format at Annexure VII or Annexure VIII, as the case may be.

 Duration of the Ph.D. Course.-

(1) The date of the joining of the candidate at any College or approved or Recognised Institution, after successful counselling, shall be treated as a provisional date of registration. However, the actual term of selected Ph.D. scholar shall be deemed to start from the date of approval letter of the Synopsis of his Thesis.

(2) The Ph.D. scholars shall only be allowed to submit the Thesis after completion of three years from the date of approval of Synopsis by the University.

(3) It shall be mandatory for all scholars to submit six monthly progress report duly, signed by the respective Guide or Research Supervisor, Head of the Department and Head of the Institution for submission, to the University, from time to time, in the format at Annexure IX.

(4) The maximum duration for submission of Thesis, for all Ph.D. Scholars, shall be six years from the date of the approval letter of the University in respect of Synopsis. However, the same may be further extended for a maximum period of two years, being one year at a time, after submission of valid justification by the Ph.D. Scholar and by paying prescribed fees as determined by the University, from time to time. After the extended period, no further extension shall be granted, and if the Ph.D. Scholar wishes to pursue the Ph.D. course thereafter, then he shall have to register again as a fresh candidate, following the due procedure, including the Ph.D. Entrance Test.: Provided that, candidates with more than forty percent disability may be allowed further relaxation of two years during Ph.D. Course, in the maximum:Provided further that, women candidates may be granted Maternity Leave or the Child Care Leave up to 240 days once in the entire duration of the Ph.D. Course, in addition to the relaxation referred above.

(5) A Ph.D. Research Scholar admitted as a full-time candidate may be converted in to a part-time candidate in special circumstances, after approval of the University. A Part-time Ph.D. Research Scholar may be allowed pursue as a full time Ph.D. candidate, provided all the conditions mentioned in the extant of Ph.D. Directions are met satisfied.

(6) Normally, a candidate shall be required to complete his research under the direct supervision of his Guide or Research Supervisor at Recognized Centre. However, a candidate who is a University approved full time Teacher or the person in the Government Service, shall be permitted to complete the research work at his college or place of his duty or appointment. In such condition, it shall be mandatory for such Teacher Candidate or person in Government Service to work at least 180 days in the full tenure of the Ph.D. course, under direct supervision of his Guide or Research Supervisor at recognized centre or place of Research, before submission of the final Thesis. The certificate from the Guide or Research Supervisor regarding mandatory attendance of the Ph.D. Scholar, along with signature of Head of concerned Institution shall be precondition for submission of final thesis, through the College or Institution.

(7) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Direction or in any other Rule or Regulation, for the time being in force, the Institution, College or PhD center shall not conduct Ph.D. Programme through distance education mode. 

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