Kaychikitsa Department


Vision & Mission


To provide a quality education and treatment of Ayurveda to community which is based on eternal principles of science of Ayurveda.

To establish a good communication between Ayurveda and modern science with the help of various upcoming techniques of diagnosis and treatment.


Ø  For global acceptance and revitalization of Indian traditional science, our department is pioneering the excellence in practicing various treatment methods and modalities. As well as meaningful research has been carried out by our department to highlight different treatment procedures.

Course Outcomes: UG   

Ø  Describe Hetu, Linga, and aushadha and apply basic principles of Kayachikitsa in the treatment of various diseases.

Ø  Explain the medico legal aspects and follow Good Clinical Practices in ethical framework.

Ø  Note and present accurate clinical history, examine patient, diagnose and plan treatment accordingly.

Ø  Infer pathological, radiological and other investigations for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

Ø  Manage emergencies and critical care patients.


Course Outcomes: PG

Ø  Diagnose and treat all kinds of patients and manage emergencies with skill and expertise.

Ø  Understand scope & methods of independent and collaborative research in Kayachikitsa.

Ø  Implement National Health Programs and other programs from health companions of AYUSH.

Ø  Follow medical ethics, common laws and regulations, Hospital Management Strategies, etc

Ø  Manage emerging health challenges and follow evidence based medical practices.