Rasa-Shastra Department


Rasa-Shastra Department


Hetu , Linga and Aushadha these are the three Sutras of Ayurveda. Our department of Rasashastra and Bhaishajyakalpana mainly deals with the third Sutra i.e. Aushadha. Various pharmaceutical processes of Herbal and Mineral drugs are carried out in this department.

Our department is situated in the ground floor of main college building. The total area covered is 374 sq.mtr. Out of which Department is situated in 167 sq.mtr and Teaching Pharmacy about 207 sq.mtr. The Post Graduate course was started in 2011-2012. The intake capacity is 5 students per year till date.

As far as our Academic performance is concerned, one of our UG student received Gold Medal from MUHS, Nashik who stood First in our subject all over Maharashtra and till date about 30 students got Distinction in our subject in MUHS University.


  1. Well qualified and Experienced Faculty Members
  2. We have spacious museum containing 50 Models and 55 specimens along with 204 Prepared formulations
  3. Our Department is divided under three parts as- i) Department, ii) Teaching Pharmacy, iii) Quality Control Laboratory
  4. In our Departmental well equipped Laboratory we are conducting 150 practical of UG and PG students every year.
  5. In our Teaching Pharmacy we have prepared near about 60 Ayurvedic products as per requirement of our Dhanwantari Hospital last year.
  6. Our Quality Control Laboratory is having various Analytical instruments like Dissolution, Spectrophotometer . Routinely we are analyzing Drugs prepared in our Teaching Pharmacy for Quality Assurance.
  7. We arrange visits to various GMP approved Pharmacies.


To give the Theoretical and Practical knowledge regarding Ayurvedic  Pharmaceutics to UG and PG students and making them eligible for self preparation of Ayurvedic Drugs.


  1. To give basic knowledge of preparation of Herbal and Herbomineral Ayurvedic Drugs
  2. To create awareness regarding Modern Pharmaceutics.
  3. To develop  the skill regarding Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Drugs in students along with their Personality development.
  4. To motivate the students regarding various Research aspects in Ayurvedic formulations


  1. We are conducting Departmental Seminars every week for PG students and every month for UG students.
  2. Till date over 100 students completed their short projects on Ayurvedic Formulations .
  3. Our enthusiastic Faculty members and various students are participating actively in various National and International Conferences, Seminars , Workshops.
  4. We are conducting Interdisciplinary research work. Also we are preparing various Ayurvedic Drugs required by PG students from other Clinical departments.



We are conducting a Maharashtra University of Health Sciences , Nashik  granted Long Term Research Grant (LTRG) Project entitled as “ Development of Parameters of Bhavita Ashwagandha churna. “