Sharir Kriya Department


Wellcome to Sharir Kriya Department

Sharir Kriya Department


“Swasthasya swasthya rakshanam  aturasya vikar prashamanshchya.”

To maintain health of healthy person & to cure the disease of diseased one is the main aim of Ayurveda.This swasthya is based on  3 pillars of body i.e.dosha, dhatu & mala.

“Dosha dhatu mala mulam hi shariram.”

The Sharir Kriya is the basic subject of ayurveda for 1st B.A.M.S. students mainly deals with these 3 pillars. Also knowledge of basic siddhantas is given to students with their  practical importance & we make the 1st BAMS students familiar to the Ayurveda.

The different aspect of each ayurvedic concept & their application in practice is also shown to students to enhance their skill & thinking capacity.


To give the basic knowledge & to give new scientific approach to UG & PG students in the skills of ayurveda & making theme eligible to stand in the clinical practice.



·         Basic concepts of Kriya sharir (Ayurvedic view)

·         Basic concepts of modern physiology

·         To develop the skill in students in practical aspects & develop personality as a good practitioner.

Departmental features –

·         Computer  with  internate facility.

·         Spirometer with computer monitoring

·         Trademill

·         Prakriti software as per CCRAS approved format.

·         Well furnished laboratory with all equipments ,instruments,model, charts,posters,specimens.

·         Library & departmental  study room .

·         Approved PG unit .

·         Kedarkulya nyaya & Kshirdadhi nyaya model.

General & Special activities-

·         Departmental PG seminars

·         Publishing & participating in National & international Conferences.

·         Article/Posters/Synopsis publications

·         Departmetal projects

·         Short term projects