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Research Department

Research Activities

Subhadra International Journal with ISSNNo :/Print Journal 

Indian journal of Odyssey of Ayurvedic Research With ISSN NO

 National seminar on Infertility 2014-2015

Basic research methodology workshop (IMETTT)

 Teachers Training Programme (TTT)

  “Avishkar”,Participation in University Level Research Competetion by MUHS

 Six renowed faculty in the list of IMMETT ,TTT from Same college.

  Research Awareness Workshop For UG students

  Research Project on “Suvarna Prashan”

  Allumi Association is available for development of student

A separate Research & Development unit is in operation which is dedicated towards researches and advancement in field of Ayurveda. Researchinculcates scientific and inductive thinking and it promotes the development oflogical habits of thinking and organization.

Research should be a process that converts data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. This is like transforming milk into ghee. It should be more balanced, comprehensive, and equally emphasizing in the literary field, experimental and clinical research. It should be able to impact the fields of academics, pharmacy and practice in a profound way. Present day Ayurvedic researches are failing in this aspect as they are unable to disseminate the knowledge gained from the exercises. Neither has the Ayurvedic teaching changed in the last 50 years nor have the textbooks been enriched with new researches.  

If Ayurveda has to provide the much needed support to the modern medicine in the management of the diseases, it requires more research in the areas of fundamental principles and diagnostic tools in place of drugs. For the purpose the modern research, methodology is not suitable and there is a need for a paradigm shift in the research methodology for Ayurveda. it is high time to define Ayurveda itself; whether the use of herbs is Ayurveda or the use of herbs and other treatment modalities as per Ayurvedic principles is Ayurveda. Accordingly, the research methodology should be planned and adopted.

So For the students fulfillment criteria of final year has been completed in the college only.Department conduct “Basic Research Methodology Training” from,MET,MUHS in the same premises as well as there is a facility to publish and present their research articles in college national and international conferences as well as in the Open Peer Reviewed International Journal “Subhadra International Journal of Ayurveda”.

All P.G. scholars of Clinical and non Clinical department have to submit the thesis before final exams. Ph.D scholars are also working in different departments and doing their work. Clinico Pathological Laboratory and 265 beded hospital is also functioning for research work. Pharmaceutical laboratory and testing lab is also functioning. College is also equipped with ECG, X-Ray ,sonograpy and USG machine. Research publication is also done in national and international journals.Presently research work is going on gouty arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Obesity, Vitiligo, anxiety disorders etc. The R&D laboratory is housed in the same premises.

For PG students Institutional Ethical committee has been working for Pre MD/MS as well as for final dessertations.Near about 35 PG guides and Professors are always available to guide the PG students.

Research Laboratory

To ensure quality control there is R & D section to test purity and standard of raw material and Final Products. Various  machines in Pharmacy. The R&D laboratory is housed in the college premises with the functions

  • Monitaring production activities
  • Quality control
  • New product development
  • Product and process studies with PH,Hardness,Disintegration,Friability,viscocity,specific gravity,sugar contents,ash value ,moisture content,acidid value etc.
  • Input for safe and effective experiments in research department

The results of research activities will be shared through publication like protocol, guidelines, methods, course material, innovations, published    manuscripts, reports, papers, articles, books, discussions,lectures,trainings,conferences,workshops,softwares,websites and portals.