Shalya Tantra Department


Shalya Tantra Department


The Surgical practices were at their Steepest advances during Gupt Period i:e around 600 BC Where the first Surgeon OF the World, Pioneered the field Of Surgery. Sushrutha honorably known as Sushruthacharya The Surgeon Of then Modern India Practiced surgery and laid down the basic principles/fundamentals of   Surgery.

We Here at ADAMC in Department OF Shalyatantra aim at delivering the knowledge through the team of Excellent Faculty trained both in Theoretical cognition as well as practical Skills and Advances in the field of Surgery.

We strive to exploit every opportunity to make our Undergraduate and Post Graduate Students Vibrant and Successful practitioners and faculty in future. The Students are guided with absolute contention in an unbiased way to make Masterly Research Work in The Field Of surgery.

For this we obtain good Support and Co-Operation from every Other Discipline of ADAMC.

The department as Whole has a Well Equipped OPD in Dhanvantari Rugnalaya attached to the College; A well equipped minor and major Operation Theatre and Male and Female Surgical Wards to accommodate Male and Female Patients Separately.

Apart from this there is a Departmental Section for Faculty with Separate console for Lecturer, Reader, Assistant Professor and HOD. Also the Department has Departmental Library and tutorial Room. The Entire Department is well ventilated and naturally lit.