Panchakarma Department


Panchakarma Department

The Panchakarma Therapy is unique treatment of ayurveda to maintain the health and harmony of body and mind. All panchakarmas are done with standard operating procedures in the college hospital.

The subject of panchakarma is in the curriculum of BAMS Under graduation (Fourth year) as well as Post graduation. This subject enlighten the students with the knowledge of fivefold biopurificatory methods of Ayurveda and othe minor procedures to maintain the health and cure the diseases.

Our college started with the post-graduate course with this subject in 2014-2015. The intake capacity for post-graduation in our subject is 03 per year. 


  • To educate the students with fivefold biopurificatory methods of Ayurveda and other minor procedure.
  • Orientation of students in theory as well as practical demonstration to student.
  • To conduct research projects through PG students to find out efficient treatments for the diseases.


Features of the department:-

  • Well qualified staff with eminent experience
  •  Adequate study material in the form of models, specimens, charts, departmental library books is available for students
  • Well established department with separate cabins for Professor, Reader, Lecturer, Tutorial room, Departmental library.
  • Regular OPD
  • PG courses.
  • Seperate IPD section for PANCHAKARMA.