Strirog Prasuti Department


Strirog Prasuti Department

Gyneacological health, sound maternity and care of puerperal are the keysfor women’s healthy life in present working era.

     The institute is puttingefforts for the same through the dept. of Prasuti tantra evum streeroga byvarious procedures like- Garbhadhana vidhi, garbha samskara, garbhiniparicharya (ANC care), uttara basti etc.

The various activities like -

·        ANC card forfollow up containing basic details of the patient

·        Garbhadhanavidhi

·        Garbhasamskara

·        Garbhiniparicharya

·        Labourcounseling

·        Sutikaparicharya etc.

        All the activities do’s and don’ts during theparticular period, benefits, indication- contraindications, and importanceeverything will be educated to the patient.

       In cases of infertility, menstrual disorders orany other gynecological problems, uttara basti is being done under all aseptica precaution as per the indication is considered. Also the details of theprocedure, benefits, indications, contraindications, complications will beexplained to the patient beforehand.


To Maintain theQuality And Efficacy Of The Procedure, Following Protocols Will Be Followed:

·        Takinginformed consent

·        Preoperativepreparation

·        Drugpreparation under all aseptic precautions

·        Instrumentpreparation

·        Properprocedure from skilled doctors

·        Postoperativecare along with management of complications