Rognidan Department


Vision & Mission


Health for all’ (Swasthyarakshana) by various means of diagnosis (Nidana) and precautionary measures (Nidana Parivarjana


Ø  To establish well equipped pathology laboratory for the purpose of diagnosis.

Ø  To evaluate health problems of the society by arranging camps and spread awareness about precautionary measures to maintain health.

Ø  To perform various research projects and search effective remedies.

Ø  To enrich the students with knowledge of diagnosis and bring awareness about their responsibility as a Vaidya.

Ø  To evaluate major health problems in women’s as healthy women’s in equal to   healthy India.


Course Outcome

Ø  Describe the general principles, terminology, diagnostic procedure & basic concept of Rognidan

Ø  Identify at cellular level & gross anatomical level & correlating these with the clinical signs & symptoms.

Ø  Demonstrate correct handling & disposal of biological materials & maintaining high standard ethics.

Ø  Apply the diagnostic procedure in pathology

Ø  Apply basic principles of histopathology & morbid anatomy by examination of microscopic sections.

Ø  Relate the general principles, terminology & modes of infections for study of systemic pathology.